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Clarity of vision, act and deed will mobilize others to help you achieve.

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The title of Leader is earned through hard work and committed daily effort.

Will you choose to lead?

Our words and our actions will leave a lasting impression on those we encounter.

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Move Forward with the team from Executive Impact where Leaders challenge their limits and accelerate their growth.

“Want to go fast, go alone.  Want to go far, go together”- African proverb


“Dinoflex Group has worked with Barb Reppert since the Spring of 2016 and I have witnessed an individual who is driven to understand the complexities of our businesses and what we value as an organization. This holistic approach enables her to bring her coaching mastery to areas that will have the most immediate and highest impact. Barb challenges our leadership team to engage every day in activities that are aligned and focused on achieving our breakthrough objectives, while ensuring everyone on their teams understand the goals and are working together to achieve them. Since working with Barb, our leadership team has become inspired. They have matured and developed as a team and have become laser focused on a common goal that will ensure the success of our organization long after we have all departed.”

Mark Bunz

CEO - Salmon Arm, Dinoflex Group LP

“In my 13 years of working with Barb Reppert I was able to see firsthand the positive effect she has had on the businesses with which we have been involved. She showed a keen and highly developed ability of being able to assess the overall business and its various elements and, through an intelligent and systematic approach, analyzed, than affected where necessary, those elements that were lacking for the greatest impact.

Barb has an unassuming leadership style and is truly a genuine people person who I have seen has a proven and consistent talent of fostering, developing and evoking a very loyal team. As part of various project and initiatives, I have witnessed her take complex concepts , some of which she was not the subject matter expert, and communicate them in such a way that are very straightforward and in plain terms. Her passion and enthusiasm to succeed are infectious and has encouraged me to be a better leader. ”

Rob Keohan

CSP, CIM Branch Manager - Edmonton, CanWel Building Materials

“If you haven’t been in a room with Barb you are truly missing out on an AMAZING experience. Barb is governed by sound values and principles, but flexible in the face of change and uncertainty. She brings her extensive business experience from the c-suite to every engagement and recognizes when she needs to coach, mentor, and/ or consult with her clients based on their business objective and goals.”

Lisa Patrick


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